Shearouse Family History

Origin of the Georgia Salzburger Shearouse Family

Johannes Scherraus, born 23 June 1707, his wife Maria Helena Ott, born 2 Dec 1694 and their son, Johannes Scherraus Jr emigrated to the colony of Georgia on the ship "Loyal Judith", Captain John Lemon, arriving in Savannah on December 2, 1741. This was the 9th transport and the 4th Salzburger transport.

They were from the area of Ulm, Germany. 

We are fortunate for the research information provided by Robert Thomason who obtained records from Janelle Kimsey Sherouse, widow of Lt.  Col. Lewis Sherouse. They had hired a professional genealogist in Ulm Germany to do the research on this family and it produced some interesting and at times colorful results. 

The information is organized around those research documents and is in chronological order with some overlap. You can see a copy of the documents by following the links, bottom right of each section. 

Johannes Scherraus - Baptism 23 Jun 1707 

Johannes Scherraus was born in Temmenhausen and baptized on 23 June 1707, a son of Martin Scherraus and his wife Margaretha Kronlin.

Link to original document – BaptismRecord.pdf 

Birth Records

In 1730, Johannes Scherraus, a mousquetier from Bermaringen, and later in 1733, a weaver in Bermaringen, b. 23 June 1707 in Temmenhausen, d. 23 March 1767 in Ebenezer, Georgia, to which he had immigrated in 1741. A son of Martin Scherraus of Temmenhausen and Margaretha Kronlin.

m. 11 Feb 1733 in Bermaringen

Maria Helena Ott, b. 3 Dec 1694 in Ulm, died (date unknown) in Ebenezer Georgia, to which she had immigrated in 1741. A daughter of Jeremias Ott of Ulm and Maria Hamerlin.

Johannes Scherraus, [Jr], was born on 18 Nov 1735 in Ulm, a son of Johannes Scherraus, by-settler, and his wife Maria Helena Ott. [This is the son who accompanied them to Georgia in 1741].

Johann Martin Scherraus was born on 25 June 1737 in Ulm, a son of Johannes Scherraus, weaver, and of his wife Maria Helena Ott.

Maria Helena Ott was born on 3 Dec 1694 in Ulm, a daughter of Jeremias Ott and his wife Maria Hamerlin.

Link to original document – BirthRecords.pdf

Proceedings of the Ulm Municipal council - 1730

Regarding Anna Catharina Fezer, Helena Ott, Johannes Scherraus