Scott Tanner Zeigler 

This is a special area of research done by Walter E. “Scotty” Scott. His emphasis is on families in the South East Georgia area, organized around descendants of three families, the Scott's, Tanner's and Zeigler's.

He has an incredible amount of information in three files on those families. While his research is not bound to only Salzburger's, (ie some data may not be on just Salzburger's), most of the data is related to Salzburger's thru these 3 families and others.

Scotty also runs a Facebook group, the South East Georgia Genealogical Society, with over 1,000 members.

The data is loaded onto this site with Scotty's permission for your personal and family use. Please observe his copyright. The links below will take you to three PDF files containing his data. 

A note about searching the files. To perform a search, use the "popout" at the top right of the PDF screen. 

See image below. To see the popout you may need to put your cursor inside the document area and if necessary click inside the document. You then will see the popout. Click on it and it will take you to another screen where you can use a Ctrl F on the keyboard to display a search box. This info is also available via the "Search Help" button.